Property & Transaction Types & Source Of Business

Property Types

Use this setting to designate the list of valid Property types for sales transactions

Navigate to Sales > Setup > Property Types

Select Add

Enter a unique Property Type code (up to 8 digits)

Franchise Prop Type Code only required for franchisees

Select the desired designation and Save

Note: Any Property Type(s) your company does not require can be deleted provided it has not been previously used in a transaction. Once used, it may not be deleted however uncheking the Active? checkbox hides the property type from any drop-down lists.

Transaction Types

Sales > Setup > Transaction Types

Transaction Types identify the various agents’ roles relating to a particular sale. The description will print on the agents’ check stubs.

Source Of Business

Sales > Setup > Source of Business

This is where you will setup the list of the sources of your business. Source codes are a way for defining and tracking where your business comes from.

Select Add

Enter a unique Source of Business Code (4 characters maximum)

Enter a Description and select Save

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