Pre & Post Split Deductions

Pre-Split Deductions

Pre-Split deductions are those that are subtracted from the gross commission before the agent/office split is applied. Examples include state or city taxes, E&O insurance (Errors & Omissions) or company Franchise/Royalty Fees.

Navigate to Agents > Setup > Pre-Split Deductions

Select Add

Complete the relevant information

If you would like REALedger to create an AP Bill for this Pre-Split Deduction select to display a list of Vendors

Select the Vendor and OK

Rank Order of Deduction: specifies the priority for the deductions to be made in case the commission doesn’t cover all the deductions. You cannot use the same priority for different deductions

Select Manage Subscriptions to assign this deduction to any selected agent(s):

Select Save

Note: Do not delete or change pre-split deduction codes once set up and used as this will affect ability to accurately report on sales history. These deduction codes are used when setting up the agent profile.

Post-Split Deductions

Post-split deductions are those subtracted from the agents’ portion after the commission split has been applied.

The setup for these is the same as Pre-Split deductions and found under Setup > Post-Split Deductions




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