Beginning Agent Charge Balances

Unless starting REALedger with a brand new company, your agents will likely have outstanding agent charge balances. After all agents have been entered into the system:

Navigate to Agents > Processing > Agent Charges 

Select Add 

Select the agent from the drop-down

The Date Accrued should be the date you used for entering beginning balances in the General Ledger (i.e. the period before you begin entering live transactions in REALedger).

Enter Amount this agent owes you

If you owe the agent at this time, enter an AR Credit to record this balance. This is done via Agents > Processing > AR Credits/Payments

Account: Choose the agent accounts receivable account from the drop down list. These transactions will not post
to the General Ledger as they are assumed to be included in your general ledger beginning balances.

Select the appropriate Project (if applicable) and the remaining pertinent information

Once complete run an Agent Charge Aging (30,60,90,120) Report to verify



When satisfied entries are correct, navigate to  Agents > Setup > Mark Agent Charge Records as Posted to G/L utility to mark these transactions as posted to the General Ledger

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