Entering Unpaid Bills

Unless starting REALedger as a brand new company, your company will likely have unpaid Bills to be entered.

Navigate to AP > Processing > Bills 

Select Add to create a record for each item

Select the lookup icon and select the Vendor and select OK

Enter the Accrual Date of the day before going live in REALedger

Complete the remaining fields and enter the invoice amount

The Check Expense Entries area is houses details of expenses, such as office utilities, rent, etc.

Select + to enter expenses and enter the amount to expense.

The G/L, Office, and Project codes will auto-populate if setup in the vendor’s file however, you may select different codes if needed

Skip the Agent Charge Entries section, this will only be used when entering live data.

When all data is entered, system should show a zero amount left to distribute. If this amount is not zero, then the transaction total from the top of the form does not equal the sum of the line items in the Check Expense Entries and Agent Charge Entries. Edit the transaction total or the line items until there is zero left to distribute.

Then Navigate to AP > Reports and run an Aging (30, 60, 90, 120) Report to validate

When satisfied all entries are correct, within the AP module, select > Setup > Mark Bills as Posted to G/L

Enter Starting and Ending Date equal to date prior to going live in REALedger

Select either Both Accrual and Payment or Accrual Only

Select all transactions with Bill Date equal to date prior to going live in REALedger

Select Mark Selected Bills as Posted

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