Entering a Transaction

Once the user has logged in to Back Office, the program will default to the Transaction screen, Quick Search mode. The data entry sequence for transactions follow the basic principles of left to right and top to bottom. At the bottom right of your screen, you will see arrow buttons … Continue reading

Letter Templates

Letter Maintenance   We have provided you with some templates that can be changed, modified or customized to suit your company’s needs.  The quickest and easiest way to customize your templates is to go to the Set Up Menu and Letter templates.. Double click on the letter you wish to … Continue reading

Letter Templates Node on the System Default Tab

The letter templates are stored at C:\Program Files\LES\quickTRS\Data\Current Documents  OR C:\QOCEE\quickTRS\Data\Current Documents OR C:\Program Files\Emphasys\quickTRS\Data\Current Documents by default. Network users must navigate to the appropriate network drive instead of C:, such as \\yourservername\Data To find out where the data path is for the program by going to: Help \ Database … Continue reading

System Defaults Main System Settings

Default Commission Rules – These six fields will designate the default commission rules that the system will use for an Appraisal, Commercial, Lease, Referral, Sale and New Home type transactions.  You can use the Look Up button to select from the commission rules that have already been set up on … Continue reading

Company Tab On Company Profile

If you need to change any information that was originally set up when you added the New Company, this is where you would do so. Under the Set Up menu click Company Profile. Click Edit to modify the screen. For our Canadian Users  Please enter Transmitter/Magic Number as well as … Continue reading

Creating Resources

Create a library of your company’s resources that are categorized by External Agents, Brokers, Buyers/Sellers, Attorneys, Advance Companies and Miscellaneous.  Basically, anyone who does not work in your brokerage can be classified as a Resource. To add a name as one of the Resources, select Resources from the Set Up … Continue reading

Table Look Ups

The Table Look Up feature can be used to add more detail regarding the data that you enter for certain fields.  For example, conditions on transactions can be set up to include more detail, such as the type of condition; Financing, Inspection, Water Test, etc. Please note that the system … Continue reading