Partial Payment Transactions

Partial Payment Transactions are transactions that require commissions to be paid out with installments.  These type of transactions are linked through the “Main” transaction keeping the same transaction number and appending a letter to the end for tracking purposes.  For example, 20170107 is the main transaction, 20170107A, 20170107B etc. would … Continue reading

Entering a Transaction

Once the user has logged in to Emphasys Back Office, the program will default to the Transaction screen, Search mode. The data entry sequence for a transaction follow the basic principles of left to right and top to bottom for tabbing.   Also, please note that once you click on … Continue reading

Entering Manager Overrides and Bonuses

The Manager Override feature allows you to assign a bonus to a “Manager” as a recruiting or other type of payment. Manager Overrides are calculated on an “end” basis.  We support an unlimited number of Manager Overrides. As well as Assistants.   Once assigned to an Agent, the “Manager” will … Continue reading

Closing a Transaction

Step 1: Agent Expense Balances & Payments QuickBooks® must be open on your desktop.   Before any transactions are closed and processed, you should update the Agent Expense Balances, through the Accounting Menu. Running this process ensures that Emphasys Back Office will display the most up-to-date agent billing balances, enabling … Continue reading

Voiding a transaction

                                               Voiding a Transaction   Voiding a transaction should only be performed when a deal has fallen through and/or in the event a transaction has been entered in error (as a duplicate, for example). Once the transaction is voided the Status will be changed to ‘V’. When a real estate … Continue reading

Batching Checks in Back Office

Go to Accounting / Process Batch Check/ Cheque   You would select the appropriate bank account in which you want to “batch” the checks/cheques.  Then in the Payee dropdown, select the appropriate resource, and the dates.  Once selected, click Search The list of checks below are all for the same … Continue reading

Dash Integration Training Guide

Initial Configuration:   Company Profile / Integration tab Enter QOC ID as provided by the Emphasys Support Team Company Profile / Integration tab Place check Next to Enable Sync Place check to left of “Enable Auto-Data Sync” if you wish to Auto Sync the data Place check to the left … Continue reading