Creating a Budget

To create a budget, go to GL>>Processing>>Budget. Assuming you are creating the budget for 2021, click the Fiscal Year End down caret and select 12/31/2021.         Then click “Create Budget from Previous Year.” Your budget will populate in the left pane.  You can then highlight and edit … Continue reading

QuickBooks® Desktop Integration

This article highlights the steps to integrate (or re-integrate) Commissions with QuickBooks® Desktop. Launch QuickBooks® and login with the Admin credentials, only the Admin account can grant access via Integrated Applications. Launch Commissions, and navigate to Setup / Company Profile / Accounting Select Verify Accounts icon You will be presented … Continue reading

Re-activate an Agent

To re-activate an agent, go to Agents>>Setup>>Agents, click on the Dates down caret and remove the Termed/End Date. You can find out which agents are de-activated by running any report with an Agents tab.  Before running the report, click All, then click Select Terminated Only.  

Commissions Release Notes version 5.3.0

GENERAL Application rebranded from Emphasys/Back Office to Constellation1 Commissions; including logos, product names & license agreement. Users may have to re-initiate QuickBooks® Desktop Integration Accounting / Search Escrow/Trust Deposits allows users to disburse escrow/trust deposits on a closed transaction if configured   SETUP Company Profile / Fees can be configured to … Continue reading