Release Locked Transaction

This article highlights the steps necessary when transactions are being edited by another user. If a transaction is being edited by other users, you will receive the following warning: If you are confident no other users are editing the transaction, clear the transaction by selecting OK on the warning screen … Continue reading

Agents Changing Offices

If an agent moves from one office to another office within your brokerage, you will change the office attached to the agent’s profile record. Navigate to Agents>>Setup>>Agents, highlight the agent’s name and select Edit. On the Personal tab select the correct Office from the drop-down and Save. Please note, the … Continue reading

Editing a Deposit Date

The purpose of this article is to provide the steps to edit a deposit date. Once a Deposit has been attached to Transaction, the system prevents further edits for security and tracking purposes. To edit a deposit date, ensure user has the correct permissions via Setup / Users/Passwords. Highlight the … Continue reading