How to Enter a Trust Deposit

The purpose of this article is to provide the steps to add a trust deposit. Navigate to Sales>>Processing>>Trust Transactions Click Add Select Office, Class, and Responsibility from the dropdown Click green “+” sign to select AND/OR add Seller and Buyer To add a deposit, click on the green “+” sign … Continue reading

Agent Commission Statements

The purpose of this article is to provide you with direction to change the Agent Commission Statement configuration; including a sample of each format to make your selection. The Agent Commission Statement replaces the old Agent Check Stub report from REALedger v1, so users have two reports to choose from; … Continue reading

Access Denied

This article provides the steps required to resolve an Access Denied error when launching the Commissions application. On the computer that the database resides navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Emphasys\quickTRS and look for “qtrsAdmin.exe”, right click and select Send to Desktop. Once saved to the desktop, right click and select Run … Continue reading