Messaging TAB

quick!Office Commander supports e-mail, e-mail to text and SMS method. The following options are available in “Send Messages Using” drop down menu: NO MSGS will be selected if messaging is not applicable (for example support staff) EMAIL SMS EMAIL / SMS Please notice that “Pager” and “Page/Email” options have been … Continue reading

Searching (Back Office)

From the Home Page, you can SORT Open Transactions by selecting any of the column headers; Transaction Number, Address, Unit No, Closing Date, Status, Type or Firm/Not Firm. The Agent column is NOT sortable.         Searching for Other Criteria, select the ADVANCED SEARCH icon       … Continue reading

Escrow Trust Deposits (Back Office)

Navigate to Deposits tab of Transaction and select EDIT Select the correct Escrow/Trust Account bank account if applicable, if you have only one no need to select. Then select the “Escrow/Trust” icon. Within the Escrow/Trust Deposits window, select ADD. Select the appropriate Action: Deposit, Disburse, Issue Term Deposit/GIC, Redeem Term … Continue reading