Partial Payment Transaction

A Partial Payment Transaction is configured when commission is collected and paid in installments such as a new construction/builder home or if the expected commission is not received in full. New Construction/Builder Transaction Typically, a new construction/builder transaction involves multiple payments of commission. A commission amount of $5000.00 when the … Continue reading

Covid-19 Automated E-sign

Description New template has been added to Virtual Office allowing you to communicate your special showing restrictions related to COVID-19. When appointment is booked (phone or MLS), the e-mail is sent to Showing Agent with a link to your customized letter. Showing Agents is asked to electronically sign and date … Continue reading

Process T4A’s

Prior to processing T4A’s we strongly recommend all mandatory information is entered correctly: Each Sales Associate (Agent) should be configured with their correct legal name and Social Insurance Number/Business Number. If this information is missing the application will display a warning “There is an invalid SIN or Payroll number for … Continue reading