Definitions in REALedger

Agent Adjusted Gross is the gross commission amount before the company split but after any pre-split deductions Sample: Agent After Split is the agent amount after the split with the company Sample: Agent Gross is the gross commission amount before any deductions Sample: Company Dollar is the company $ amount after the split … Continue reading

Release Notes Version 4.3.3 (Back Office)

  Commission Added new commission structure  “Current Transaction’s Sale Price” which can be capped on Company $ (percentage and/or flat amount) Commission ‘Other Fees’ now support 5 decimals Company Profile B&O State/City tax now calculates on the Gross less referrals Company Profile Supports up to 3 Operating or General accounts … Continue reading

REALedger Installation Instructions

Download the REALedger Installation file located at: Extract the files then double click on the Setup_6.9 file Install the software choosing the Workstation and Server option, to C:\REALedger   In a Finder window, map a network drive to the data files on the server.  If other users access the REALedger … Continue reading

When to use Re-Initialize function in REALedger

Re-Initialize This function is used to update commission calculations to get current incentive level and/or retrieve the latest agent charge balance. Also used to obtain latest deduction information if deduction setup changed after agent was first added to sale. The re-calculation of commission and unpaid agent charges will occur automatically during the closing process … Continue reading

Best Practice: Backup REALedger Data

It is critical to setup a regular backup routine either using backup software default in the Windows OS or via third party cloud services and recommended that you: Backup REALedger daily Label backups with last date and time they were written (if backups auto generated this will be the default) Store … Continue reading

MLS and TMS integration to REALedger

This article highlights the steps to import data from third party sources such as TMS (Transaction Management System) or MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Office Mappings From the Sales module > Processing > select TMS/MLS Integration Ensure Offices have been entered prior to this step. Offices can be setup System > Setup … Continue reading