Release Notes (REALedger Version 2019.05.02) 

Overview All reported enhanced to include all agents by default Online Sales Detail report enhanced with Transaction # column, option to hide Volume, option to hide Agent Commission, option to change to landscape view to support additional columns, new sort order options for Address, Date then Address, Date then Transaction … Continue reading

Messaging (quick!Office Commander)

quick!Office Commander supports messaging via email and SMS. The following options are available: NO MSGS (selected if messaging not applicable, i.e. internal staff) EMAIL SMS EMAIL / SMS   SMS code will be automatically populated if an agent’s mobile number is available on the agent profile. Note that messages can … Continue reading

Unconfirmed Appointments (quickOffice Commander)

When appointments are booked for listings flagged Auto Confirmation, the Action column will display the following status: Waiting for Seller Confirmation. The appointment will be removed from the queue upon Seller’s acceptance and an automatic e-mail will be sent to the Showing Agent. The Appointment menu displays the Status: Confirmed. … Continue reading

Adding Referrals (Back Office)

To add inbound or outbound referrals navigate to the Commission tab Select the Referral menu Select New Select the pertinent referral details including the side represented and if the payment amount is a percentage or flat amount: On the Deposit tab, be sure to select the appropriate Disbursement Rule if … Continue reading

Release Notes Version 5.1.0 (Back Office)

GENERAL Enabled scroll functionality on main Transaction window for easier navigation Drop down filter allows to select All, Open, Closed or Voided Transactions to be displayed Prompt enhanced when Agent tax does not equal the configured tax rate Enhancement to allow editing of Letter Merge Documents prior to sending by … Continue reading