Best Practice: Backup REALedger Data

It is critical to setup a regular backup routine either using backup software default in the Windows OS or via third party cloud services and recommended that you: Backup REALedger daily Label backups with last date and time they were written (if backups auto generated this will be the default) Store … Continue reading

MLS and TMS integration to REALedger

This article highlights the steps to import data from third party sources such as TMS (Transaction Management System) or MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Office Mappings From the Sales module > Processing > select TMS/MLS Integration Ensure Offices have been entered prior to this step. Offices can be setup System > Setup … Continue reading

REALedger Migration FAQs

This article provides an outline of what you can expect during the migration to Emphasys’ latest version of REALedger. Are there specific items to follow to ensure data is ready? Yes please refer to our Month End Check List. You will want to work through the check list for both databases … Continue reading

How to add new agent(s) in REALedger

This article outlines how to add a new agent to REALedger. From the main navigation menu select Agent module Under Setup select Agents Select Add from the sub navigation menu Enter all pertinent information (fields in red are required) and select Save For large databases please contact us for a quote … Continue reading

QuickBooks and Integration

What is is a paperless payments solution that syncs seamlessly with many of the most popular accounting platforms in the market today. By combining Emphasys + QuickBooks +, you can connect to your bank, facilitating faster payments and receivables. Upon synching scans for changes to QuickBooks, … Continue reading

How to hide Office Dollar on Agent Check Stubs

Within the system, the SHOWOFFDOL and AFTPLAT system settings allow users to control whether they would like this information displayed or hidden on agent check stub reports. Note that if the commission basis is Office $ then the company (office) $ will display on the report regardless of other settings.

Automated backups in the Cloud

This article provides information on automated backups for all Emphasys hosted products. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Emphasys Software uses Microsoft Azure for all current hosted solutions. We provide automated Backup and Recovery Service Vaults which takes a nightly snapshot of each virtual environment at 10PM EST and maintains the backup for … Continue reading