Edit a Deposit Date (Back Office)

Once a Deposit has been recorded on a Transaction, the system prevents further changes for security and tracking purposes. To edit dates, ensure users has the correct permissions via Setup / Users/Passwords. Highlight the selected User Name and Edit as shown in screen shot below, then Save. To Edit the … Continue reading

Creating Agent Advances

Adding an Internal Broker Advance Navigate to the selected Transaction and select the Commission tab Highlight the Agent and select the Advance icon ($): Select New to add the advance information The Agent Ref ID, Transaction number, Agent Comm and Agent Tax will default with the Transaction’s details: enter the … Continue reading

Deposits (Back Office)

Navigate to the transaction’s Deposits tab and select Edit Select the appropriate Escrow/Trust Account bank account and select the Escrow/Trust icon: Within the Escrow/Trust Deposits window, select add Select the appropriate Action: Deposit, Disburse, Issue Term Deposit/GIC, Redeem Term Deposit/GIC, Reverse or NSF-Non-Sufficient Funds and complete the rest of the … Continue reading

Email Configuration (Back Office)

Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > System Defaults Select Email Document Configurations Default Email Configurations This window allows the configuration of Default Documents that can be emailed to Transaction Resources. For example, Buyer letters emailed to Buyers or Agent Statements to Agents. The email body should be configured per … Continue reading

Release Notes Version 5.0.1 (Back Office)

GENERAL E-mailing now enabled! You can now email Transaction specific documents (i.e. Transaction Record Sheets, Agent Commission Statements, Check Stub Reports, etc) Gross Volume commission calculation added: Agent GCI divided by percentage (%) Enhanced Search query to support searching by Address or Transaction Number ONLY Enhanced Utilities to allow editing … Continue reading