QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) QuickBooks Online (QBO) No session time out Settings provide an option to monitor timeout intervals; PC configuration can override With QBD, A/R amounts can be deducted from commission payouts during the Closing Process This function is not supported: A/Rs need to be imported as Credit Memos or … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: quick!Office Commander

quickOffice Commander is an Intranet platform designed to efficiently manage listings, showings, customer feedback, inter-office communication and updates, and other important brokerage information. Listing and Showing Management Track all Listings and Showing with access to instant information on key showing information MLS integration Easily identify listings by status such as … Continue reading

Emailing agent statements from REALedger

This article outlines emailing agent commission statements from REALedger. The functionality is designed so that each agent receives only the part of the report that contains their own activity. The latest version uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) which does not require a mail client, but does require that the … Continue reading

Recruiting Bonus

This article highlights setting up recruitment levels (also referred to as Mentorship) in REALedger. A new setting RECRUITLEVELS has been added which controls how many levels up recruitment bonuses are paid; logic comes into use when recruitment info is entered in agent records. General Ledger Posting New General Ledger posting … Continue reading

Receiving Payments on Account

Only money received directly from the Agent as a payment on account should be handled in the Receive Payments menu. If there is a payment deduction on account as you close and process a transaction, the integration between the two programs will automatically update the outstanding balance in QuickBooks®.  However, … Continue reading

Product Spotlight: REALedger

REALedger is real estate’s most trusted Enterprise accounting solution. Used by some of the industry’s most successful brokerages, REALedger facilitates managing the entire sales cycle process including listings, sales, closings, agent receivables, escrow, referrals and more. Track all Listing and Sales transactions from start to finish in a single integrated … Continue reading

Reports Listing (REALedger Version 2.0)

Sales Business Journal Cash Flow Projection Commission Statements (previously: Check Stub Paid Transactions ) Compare This Year vs Last Year Deferred Transactions One Line Sales Detail Operations Review Pending Pipeline Productivity Analysis Rank – Performance by Month Sales by Seller/Buyer Sales Detail Trust Audit RE/MAX Franchise Reports Windermere Franchise Reports … Continue reading