Custom tab of Transaction (Back Office)

The Custom tab can be found by selecting the ‘+’ Expand icon in the tabs row The Custom tab allows you to enter data specific to your Brokerage such as PID/Roll Number, Registration Number, etc. to populate reports/documents such as the Other Trade Record Sheet (Other), Conveyancer Instruction report, Conveyance Letters to … Continue reading

Documents tab of Transaction (Back Office)

The Documents tab within a Transaction is where all Transaction specific documents and reports are located (i.e. Agent Commission Statements, Disbursements, Transaction Record Sheets, etc). Additional items to note: Once a Transaction is closed, the Review Closing report becomes available in the Closing Review Documents panel If you have uploaded … Continue reading

2019 Tax Table Update

The IRS has released Payroll tax table updates for 2019. It is recommended to review Notice 1036 from the IRS as it contains new tax rates. Review IRS Notice 1036: here FICA and Medicare rates did not change except for the FICA ceiling which has increased to $132,900; search “FICA limit 2019” … Continue reading

RE/MAX iFranchise Reporting (Back Office)

Emphasys supports reporting of transactions to RE/MAX Integra via the iFranchise system. To locate the batch file navigate to: Reports > Franchise Reports > RE/MAX Reports > Monthly Production Summary (iFranchise) Select the desired parameters. This report is exportable in .txt file format as supported by RE/MAX Integra which can … Continue reading

User Permissions (REALedger 2.0 or above)

The system assigns users permission by User Roles.  Some roles are preset in the system, however Roles can be created, edited, copied and removed as needed. Navigate to System > Setup > Roles Note:  Each role defines which module(s) users can access. Access levers can be modifiied by deselecting access … Continue reading

Release Notes Version 5.0.0 (Back Office)

We’re excited to announce the latest release, version 5.0.0! The goal was to create an improved user experience for new and existing Emphasys customers as well as: Modernize system look and feel Improve the user experience by consolidating same-type functionality Streamline the navigation   System Redesign New left panel menu … Continue reading

Definitions in REALedger

Agent Adjusted Gross is the gross commission amount before the company split but after any pre-split deductions Sample: Agent After Split is the agent amount after the split with the company Sample: Agent Gross is the gross commission amount before any deductions Sample: Company Dollar is the company $ amount after the split … Continue reading