Transaction Point integration

This article outlines the sync process between Back Office and Transaction Point. Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Integration In the MLS/TMS Statuses section, select the Statuses to import; add or remove as required: Once the preferred statuses selected, relaunch the application for new configurations to take effect. Importing … Continue reading

Adding Referrals (Back Office)

To add inbound or outbound referrals navigate to the Commission tab Select the Referral menu Select New Select the pertinent referral details including the side represented and if the payment amount is a percentage or flat amount: On the Deposit tab, be sure to select the appropriate Disbursement Rule if … Continue reading

QuickBooks© Authorization (Back Office)

Intuit has has enhanced its security with integrated applications to QuickBooks© Online. If the integration timeline has lapsed, QuickBooks© will prompt for the Admin login credentials: In the following screen, select Connect Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Accounting Once successfully integrated, button should read Disconnect:  

Release Notes Version 5.1.0 (Back Office)

GENERAL Enabled scroll functionality on main Transaction window for easier navigation Drop down filter allows to select All, Open, Closed or Voided Transactions to be displayed Prompt enhanced when Agent tax does not equal the configured tax rate Enhancement to allow editing of Letter Merge Documents prior to sending by … Continue reading

Release Notes (REALedger Version 2019.03.28) 

General Added ability to delete pre-split and post-split deductions from an Agent record if deductions were not previously used User Permissions enhanced to allow users to define new Roles or enabled the addition of new modules to existing Roles MLS/TMS Integration option added to Roles / Permission module detail items Fixed error when adding Agent(s) to a sale whose amount … Continue reading

Adding Agents in Back Office

If an Agent is doing business as (DBA) an LLC, you will want to add their company name in the designated field and update the Agent’s Payee field to the Company option. When the Company option is selected, checks or direct deposit splits pushed to QuickBooks, will reflect this naming … Continue reading