Release Notes (REALedger Version 2019.03.28) 

General Added ability to delete pre-split and post-split deductions from an Agent record if deductions were not previously used User Permissions enhanced to allow users to define new Roles or enabled the addition of new modules to existing Roles MLS/TMS Integration option added to Roles / Permission module detail items Fixed error when adding Agent(s) to a sale whose amount … Continue reading

Adding Agents in Back Office

If an Agent is doing business as (DBA) an LLC, you will want to add their company name in the designated field and update the Agent’s Payee field to the Company option. When the Company option is selected, checks or direct deposit splits pushed to QuickBooks, will reflect this naming … Continue reading

Edit a Deposit Date (Back Office)

Once a Deposit has been recorded on a Transaction, the system prevents further changes for security and tracking purposes. To edit dates, ensure users has the correct permissions via Setup / Users/Passwords. Highlight the selected User Name and Edit as shown in screen shot below, then Save. To Edit the … Continue reading

Creating Agent Advances

Adding an Internal Broker Advance Navigate to the selected Transaction and select the Commission tab Highlight the Agent and select the Advance icon ($): Select New to add the advance information The Agent Ref ID, Transaction number, Agent Comm and Agent Tax will default with the Transaction’s details: enter the … Continue reading

Deposits (Back Office)

Navigate to the transaction’s Deposits tab and select Edit Select the appropriate Escrow/Trust Account bank account and select the Escrow/Trust icon: Within the Escrow/Trust Deposits window, select add Select the appropriate Action: Deposit, Disburse, Issue Term Deposit/GIC, Redeem Term Deposit/GIC, Reverse or NSF-Non-Sufficient Funds and complete the rest of the … Continue reading