Creating Commercial Commission Rules

Creating Commercial Commission Rules Select Commission Rules > Commercial from the Set up menu and select New Enter the necessary data as described below: Comm Rule The unique label you assign this commission rule. (ex. Builder) Description A brief description of the commercial commission rule Rent/SqFt. Enter the dollar amount … Continue reading

Creating Residential Commission Rules

Enter the necessary data as described below: Name The unique label you assign this commission rule. (ex. 5eq%) Description  A brief description of the residential commission rule.  (ex. Selling 2.5%, Buying 2.5%) Up to & = Four different levels of property sale prices allow for more complex commission rules. Selling  … Continue reading

Creating a Partial Payment Commission Plan

A Partial Payment Commission Calculation means users can allocate Broker Flat Fees and Other Fees to partial payment transactions (20125613A, 20125613B, etc.) that will allow the user to pre-define specific Fee amounts that do not use the existing proportional calculations. Sample Partial Payment Commission plan: In the sample above, Partial … Continue reading

MLS/Transaction Fee Rules

Setup / MLS/Transaction Fee Rules This allows Brokerages to attach a separate “off the top” fee above and beyond the commission plan on a per transaction basis. This Fee is attached to a Commission Rule (Commercial or Residential) The MLS/Transaction Fee is the first deduction taken off the top from … Continue reading

General Ledger Accounts

The General Ledger Account Number, Accounting System ID and General Ledger Account Type MUST be the same as those configured in QuickBooks®. The General Ledger Account Name does not have to match between the two applications, but you can edit the name if you choose. Setup / General Ledger Accounts … Continue reading

Disbursement Rules

Disbursement Rules are used when a Brokerage is required to provide written direction to an Attorney or Title Company to pay commissions directly to Internal Agent, Other Brokerage, Referral, etc. To create a new rule, select NEW and enter a Rule Name that describes what the rule represents. For example, … Continue reading

Creating Users (Back Office)

Select Setup > Users/Passwords Select New, assign a username and select Reset Password Leave Current Password field blank, enter the new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields Select Save The Set Program Access option allows access levels to be set across the application.  When access is … Continue reading