Letter Templates (System Default Tab) in Back Office

Letter templates are stored at C:\Program Files\LES\quickTRS\Data\Current Documents  OR C:\QOCEE\quickTRS\Data\Current Documents OR C:\Program Files\Emphasys\quickTRS\Data\Current Documents by default Network users must navigate to the appropriate network drive instead of C: (i.e. \\yourservername\Data) To locate the data path for your instance, navigate to: Help \ Database Information Select your company name from the … Continue reading

Main System Settings

Default Commission Rules – These six fields will designate the default commission rules that the system will use for an Appraisal, Commercial, Lease, Referral, Sale and New Home type transactions.  You can use the Look Up button to select from the commission rules that have already been set up on … Continue reading

Creating Resources

To add a new Resource, select Resources from the Set up menu Select a related category then select New and complete the required fields When creating or modifying transactions, check the applicable resource list first (Buyer, Seller, etc.) to see if that contact already exists in the database.  If it … Continue reading

Table Look Ups

The Table Lookup feature can be used to add additional information to certain fields.  For example, conditions on transactions can be set up to include more detail, such as the type of condition. Please note that the system will only validate a particular field if at least one entry has … Continue reading

Creating Commercial Commission Rules

Creating Commercial Commission Rules Select Commission Rules > Commercial from the Set up menu and select New Enter the necessary data as described below: Comm Rule The unique label you assign this commission rule. (ex. Builder) Description A brief description of the commercial commission rule Rent/SqFt. Enter the dollar amount … Continue reading

Creating Residential Commission Rules

Enter the necessary data as described below: Name The unique label you assign this commission rule. (ex. 5eq%) Description  A brief description of the residential commission rule.  (ex. Selling 2.5%, Buying 2.5%) Up to & = Four different levels of property sale prices allow for more complex commission rules. Selling  … Continue reading

Creating a Partial Payment Commission Plan

A Partial Payment Commission Calculation means users can allocate Broker Flat Fees and Other Fees to partial payment transactions (20125613A, 20125613B, etc.) that will allow the user to pre-define specific Fee amounts that do not use the existing proportional calculations. Sample Partial Payment Commission plan: In the sample above, Partial … Continue reading