Setup and Configuration for multi-users

This article outlines the network setup options available in order to run Emphasys (ES) and QuickBooks® in a multi-user environment. Below are two recommended options for clients who wish to self-host both applications: Option 1 (Workstation & Server Setup)  In this setup, both the Back Office and QuickBooks® applications are … Continue reading

Emphasys Training for QuickBooks®

Please note that standard Emphasys implementation includes training of our proprietary software with limited overlap to QuickBooks®. If you are unfamiliar with QuickBooks® and have purchased or thinking of purchasing Emphasys Back Office, we strongly recommend purchasing QB training. Package 1 (1 hour session) New QuickBooks® file setup Creating additional … Continue reading

Exporting Reports

This article highlights how to generate and export reports and from Emphasys Back Office. Generate a Preview of the required report by selecting the preview icon:   From left navigation select Export and select the desired output file type: The file will be saved to the location selected to view … Continue reading

Direct Deposits (ACH/EFTs) in QuickBooks®

This article outlines the steps and setup required to administer direct deposits via QuickBooks® Desktop versions. Navigate to the Vendor Center Select a vendor and the Edit Vendor window will open Select the Additional Information tab > select Direct Deposit the Payroll Service Account Information page will appear QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard … Continue reading

Technical Requirements

On Premise Installations (Self-hosted) i5 or i7 Core™ Processor 256GB SSD 8GB RAM Memory Windows 8 Professional or higher QuickBooks® Desktop: Pro / Premier / Enterprise 2012 or higher QuickBooks® Online: Essentials or Plus Microsoft Word 2016 or higher (if opting to use integrated Letter templates) Microsoft Windows Server 2012 … Continue reading

Month end Reconciliations

This article highlights recommended items to review for month end. You may have other month end processes however, the purpose of this article is to ensure transactions totals in the sub-ledgers roll up to the General Ledger.  Within the REALedger system, the sub-ledgers are: Agent Charge Aging (30,60,90,120) report, AP Aging … Continue reading

Year End Procedures for Versions 6.9 and prior

Year End Procedures This document outlines the tasks required to successfully complete a year end.  These processes affect virtually all aspects of REALedger and should not be undertaken without a thorough understanding of the results. We recommend reviewing this thoroughly before executing any year-end processes. REALedger has two distinctly unique year end processes that need to … Continue reading