Ziplogix zipTMS integration (Back Office)

This article outlines the sync process between Emphasys and Ziplogix’s zipTMS

Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Integration

In the MLS/TMS Statuses section, select the Statuses to import; add or remove as required:

Once the preferred statuses selected, relaunch the application for new configurations to take effect.

Importing from Ziplogix zipTMS

Select MLS/TMS Sync

Select date for import and select Sync

A list of transactions will be presented for import: select as needed or Select All

Next select Import

A confirmation will appear with notification that the import was successful. Note: Agent records attached to a transaction will sync as long as email addresses match in both systems.

The sync is currently set every 3 hours.

Below are the data fields synced between systems:

Address 1
Address 2
Property Type – all transactions will import as Transaction Type=S regardless of how “S” is described
MLS Number
List Price (Listing Price)
Sale Price (Sold Price)
Escrow/Closing No. = Escrow Number on the Escrow panel of Deposit tab of Transaction
Transaction Side = Selling, Buying or Both
Status (open, closed or void)
Contract Acceptance Date = Effective Date
Closing Date
Listing Date

Transaction Resources
Description (Resource Type)
First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
Work Phone (Business Phone)


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