Year End Processes and Reminders

Year End is a busy time, so here are the steps that should be performed on the first business day of the calendar year.

1. Agent Anniversary Reset (if your Agents’ commission structure is calendar year driven)

Navigate to Utilities / Agent Anniversary Reset

Highlight and place check to the left of Agent’s name or opt to “Select All” if all Agents are on the same calendar date. If you opt to “Select All”, we strongly encourage that you individually click on each Agents’ name as commission plans have been reset in error.

You can opt to change the assigned Commission Plan at the same time.

Select Reset button. The program will notify you that “Agent Anniversary has been reset successfully”. Select OK and click “X” to exit the Agent Anniversary Reset window.

2. Other Fees/Deductions (calendar year caps) 

On the left sidebar, select Commissions. On right side of window “Deductions (Other Fees)”, expand Additional Configuration panel and edit your dates.

Once the Agents’ Anniversaries have been reset and the Deductions (Other Fees) dates modified, you must Recalculate Open Transactions so that all affected Agents will be reset to the first level/tier of their assigned commission plan.

Navigate to Accounting / Recalculate Open Transactions, select All Agents and Process

3. Sequential Transaction Numbering

Navigate to Setup / Company Profile / System Defaults tab and enter the first transaction number for the year in the field labelled, “Next Transaction Number” and Save.

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