Constellation1 Commissions Workstation Installation Instructions

We recommend that your installer/technician ensure that this is done during our regular installation / conversion hoursMonday – Friday, 9 am – 3 pm ET.  This will ensure a qualified technician will be on hand should you require technical support.  If you require assistance, please call 888.661.5766

If preferable, a technician from Constellation1 can remotely install Commissions on your workstation for a charge of $125.00 + tax, if applicable.  

  1. Ensure the new computer you’re installing on has a network connection to the Commissions Server
  2. Navigate to Updates folder on the server. 

            By Default\\servername\DataBO\Updates Folder 

  1. Right mouse click on Setup.exe and select Run as Administrator
  2. Run the installation and ensure you select“Constellation1 Commissions Client” option.(QBOE Connector and QBFC Installer are included with the installation to support the integration to QuickBooks®.) Continue clicking “Next” until the entire installation is complete, leaving all selections at their defaults.  
  3. Restart the computer after installation is complete.
  4. Once the computer is restarted, right click “Commissions” icon on desktop and select “Propertiesand on the “Compatibility” tab, check “Run this program as an administrator” option, Please do the same if you are integrating with QuickBooks© desktop.  
  5. Go to Start > Back Office > right click on “Commissions Admin and Run as Administrator.  Enter the User login: Admin and Password: Admin. The username and password are case sensitive so please enter exactly as displayed.  
  6. Then click on Change Database Location: type in the share path: \\servername\DataBO 
  7. Click OK to exit Browse window.
  8. Click OK and then Exit to close window.
  9. Launch the program.

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