User Permissions (REALedger 2.0 or above)

The system assigns users permission by User Roles.  Some roles are preset in the system, however Roles can be created, edited, copied and removed as needed.

Navigate to System > Setup > Roles

Note:  Each role defines which module(s) users can access. Access levels can be modifiied by deselecting access by the Show Module Permission Details? option.

The Visible? option can hide that item from the main system menu.


Once all Roles have been defined, add users under System > Setup > Users.  The following window will appear:

Note: The system ships with a master already created.

Enter additional users by selecting Add and completing the required fields; select Save when done:

Required fields will appear with a red-adorner or instructions.

Deleting Users

To delete a user, highlight their user name and select Delete


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