Transaction Point integration (Back Office)

This article outlines the sync process between Emphasys and Transaction Point.

Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Integration

In the MLS/TMS Statuses section, select the Statuses to import; add or remove as required:

Once the preferred statuses selected, relaunch the application for new configurations to take effect.

Importing from Transaction Point TMS

Select MLS/TMS Sync

Select date for import and select Sync

A list of transactions will be presented for import: select as needed or Select All

Next select Import

A confirmation will appear with notification that the import was successful. Note: Agent records attached to a transaction will sync as long as email addresses match in both systems.

The sync is currently set every 3 hours.

Below are the data fields synced between systems:

Address 1
Address 2
Property Type – all transactions will import as Transaction Type=S regardless of how “S” is described
MLS Number
List Price (Listing Price)
Sale Price (Sold Price)
Escrow/Closing No. = Escrow Number on the Escrow panel of Deposit tab of Transaction
Tx Type/Agent Represents = Transaction Side
Transaction Status = Status (open, closed or void)
Contract Acceptance Date = Effective Date
Estimated Closing Date = Closing Date (if Scheduled Date is not available, we will use Estimated Closing Date and if Estimated Closing Date is not available, we will use today’s date)
Listing Date

Transaction Resources
Description (Resource Type)
First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
Work Phone = Business Phone

** Transaction Resources with mandatory fields such as an address for the Brokerage, will display N/A (Not Applicable) in the mandatory fields.

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