Main System Settings

Default Commission Rules – These six fields will designate the default commission rules that the system will use for an Appraisal, Commercial, Lease, Referral, Sale and New Home type transactions.  You can use the Look Up button to select from the commission rules that have already been set up on your system.

For more information on Commission Rules please refer to this article.

City, State/Province – Be sure to set defaults for all transactions and resources.

Controlled by Selling/Buying – This field allows you to indicate what side of a particular transaction ‘controls’ the transaction.  If the Selling side holds the trust deposit, select ‘S’. If the Buying side holds the trust deposit, select ‘B’.  If your office is a multi branch location office, your selection here will also determine which end of a transaction will be credited for multi-branch tracking in both Back Office and QuickBooks®.

Commission Calculation Type field allows you to specify how commissions are calculated. For more detailed information relating to the commission calculation types, please refer to Creating Commission Plans.

Email Document Configurations Please refer to the Setting up Email Configurations

Escrow/Trust held/ and or Disbursed by Third Party– If applicable the user may enable this setting to be a default for all transaction including the disbursement rule that may be your industry standard. To learn more about Disbursement Rules please see this article.

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