Search Function in Back Office (Advanced Search)

From the main navigation screen, Transactions can be sorted by selecting any of the column headers except Agent (Transaction Number, Address, Unit No, Closing Date, Status, Type and Firm/Not Firm).

You can also search by selecting All, Open, Closed or Voided via drop down, please note limitations relating to dates below.

For additional search criteria, select the Advanced search icon:

A few notes about searching: 

  • From Closing Date: Today’s date and To Closing Date: 6 months in advance of today’s date
  • From Effective Date: 6 months previous to Today’s date and To Effective Date: today’s date
  • From Condition Date: One week back and To Condition Date: one week in advance
  • From Process Date: 6 months previous to Today’s date and To Process Date: today’s date
  • Must Reset to Default (CIRCLE WITH ARROW icon) each time a new search is started and/or modified
  • Must Reset to Default and select Search to be returned to the main page
  • Phone numbers should be searched following same format as entered


Select Search by Contact or Other to search by various contacts or other criteria:

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