Searching (Back Office)

From the Home Page, you can SORT Open Transactions by selecting any of the column headers; Transaction Number, Address, Unit No, Closing Date, Status, Type or Firm/Not Firm. The Agent column is NOT sortable.





Searching for Other Criteria, select the ADVANCED SEARCH icon











A few notes about searching: 

By placing a check in the box labelled, Date Options – the following will occur:

  • From Closing Date: Today’s date and To Closing Date: 6 months in advance of Today’s date
  • From Effective Date: 6 months before Today’s date and To Effective Date: Today’s date
  • From Condition Date: one week back and To Condition Date: one week in advance
  • From Process Date: 6 months before Today’s date and To Process Date: Today’s date
  • Search selection data is not case sensitive
  • Must Reset to Default (CIRCLE WITH ARROW icon) each time a new search is started and/or modified
  • Must Reset to Default and Search (MAGNIFYING GLASS icon) to be returned to the Home Page
  • Phone numbers should be searched using the same format as they have been entered
  • By selecting the SEARCH BY CONTACT OR OTHER panel/node, you have more search options available



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