Sales Associate Commission Integrate to Accounts Payable/Bills

This article highlights commission payouts via Accounts Payable/Bills

To configure navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Accounting

On City, State & Other Accounts panel, ensure there is a check to the right of Enable Accounts Payable and the appropriate general ledger account for Accounts Payable is configured:

Transactions are entered and processed as normal: the Review Closing report will show additional information using the Accounts Payable general ledger:

Once processed to QuickBooks©, the normal checks, deposits, and journal entries will integrate as expected

Sales Associate commissions will integrate as a Bill

Continue to pay Bills from the correct bank account as configured:

Please note the following if opting to enable this functionality:

System will not automatically deduct Sales Associate invoiced balances via the transactions closing.

Bill Number will not auto-populate with the Transaction number or Address (Memo field will update).

When reversing transactions where a bill has been paid, will require a manual void of the Bill payment in QuickBooks©.

Tax (HST/GST) scheduled to be enhanced in a future release.

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