Required User Access for Sync to QuickBooks®

This article outlines the minimum required user role permissions for our product to sync to QuickBooks®.

From QuickBooks® navigate to Company > Set Up Users & Passwords > Add/Edit User with the following selections:

Access for user: Selected areas of QuickBooks®

Sales and Accounts Receivable: Selective (create and print transactions)

Purchases and Accounts Payable: Selective (create and print transactions)

Checking and Credit Cards: Selective (create and print transactions)

Payroll and Employees: Full access (if applicable)

Sales Tax: Full Access (if applicable)

Sensitive Accounting Activities: Selective (create and print transactions)

Sensitive Financial Reports: No access (if applicable)

Changing and Deleting Transactions

a) Do you want this user to have the ability to change or delete transactions in the areas they have access to? Yes

b) Should this user also have the ability to change or delete transactions that were recorded before the closing date? No

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