Reports Listing (REALedger Version 2.0)


Business Journal
Cash Flow Projection
Commission Statements (previously: Check Stub Paid Transactions )
Compare This Year vs Last Year
Deferred Transactions
One Line Sales Detail
Operations Review
Pending Pipeline
Productivity Analysis
Rank – Performance by Month
Sales by Seller/Buyer
Sales Detail
Trust Audit
RE/MAX Franchise Reports
Windermere Franchise Reports


Active Agent Cont by Month
Address List
Agent Charge Aging (30,60,90,120)
Agent Charge Ledger
Agent Income Ledger
Agent Sales Ranking
Agent Without Sales
Agent 1099 Earnings
All Charges Entered/Paid By GL Code
Dates/License Information
Incentive Level
Pre-Split Deductions
Post-Split Deductions
Statement, Balance Forward


Aging (30,60,90,120)
Cash Requirements, By Pay Date
Cash Requirements, By Vendor
Expenses, By Office
Expenses, By Project
Purchases Journal
Vendor Class List
Vendor Expenditures
Vendor Expenditures with Project
Vendor Label
Vendor List
Vendor Payments and Credits
Vendor Ranking


Account Payable Check Register
Agent Check Breakdown
Agent Check Register
Agent Check Register with Seller/Buyer
Agent Checks Combined Check Register
Bank Deposit Slip
Bank Reconciliation History
Bank Reconciliations, All in Date Range
Batch Deposit Breakdown
Both Deposit Varieties Combined
Cash Activity
Commission Deposits
Detailed Cash Audit Unposted
Non-Comm. Deposits By Date
Non-Comm. Deposits By Date/Day
Non-Comm. Deposits By G/L Code
Non-Comm. Deposits By Office/Date
Payroll Check Register
Trust Check Register
Trust Deposits
Trust Deposits By Day

General Ledger

Account Types/Subtypes
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet – 12 Month
Chart of Accounts
General Journal Entries
GL Listing
GL Listing By Transaction
Income Statement – 12 Month
Income Statement – Date Range
Income Statement – MTD and YTD
Income Statement – Office Spread
Income Statement – This Year vs Last Year
Trial Balance


Employee Address
Employee Birthday
Employee Earnings, By Month
Employee Pay/Deduction Info
Employee Sick/Vacation/Holiday Detail
Employee Sick/Vacation/Holiday Totals
Employee Title/Salary, By GL code
Employee YTD Earnings Total
Employee YTD Earnings Total – Calculated
Federal Withholding Tax Table
Payroll Class List
Payroll Edit Sheet
Payroll Journal
Quarterly Federal Unemployment
Quarterly Labor and Industries
Quarterly State Unemployment


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