RE/MAX Franchise Reports

Emphasys Back Office supports all RE/MAX regional reporting requirements.

From Company Profile > Synchronization/Integration tab > Enable Franchise Integration

Branch Location must be set up with the following format, regardless if there is only one branch location

File Maintenance > Branch Locations

On the Agent profile each Agent should have Franchise ID as well as the Branch Location entered


Each Team must be set up with a Team Name, a Team Franchise ID and Team Leader.

For all transactions, the Trans Group must be selected

For RE/MAX COR Report, Property Type is  required and entered under the Custom Data tab

If some closed transaction(s) omitted the above information, select Edit-CL to modify:

The COR and ICOR Reports must be submitted to RE/MAX’s corporate reporting system as a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file with the exact formatting when exported from the Back Office system.

For questions about submissions please contact your regional RE/MAX support offices for assistance.


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