RE/MAX Franchise Reports (REALedger)

This article provides an overview of the setup required to generate RE/MAX Franchise reports in REALedger

Navigate to Setup > Offices

Enter a Franchise Office Code for every office:

Navigate to Agents > Setup

Agent records require Franchise Agent ID, these are assigned by RE/MAX corporate:

Property Types view: requires selecting Franchise Property Type Code from the drop down per property type:

Sales > Reports > RE/MAX Franchise

Users can select the report from the drop down – either Monthly Statistics Report (COR), Monthly Statistics Report (IOR), or Monthly Production Summary Report (iFranchise). COR stands for Corporate Owned Region; IOR stands for Independent Owned Region. All three reports (exports) are available to all RE/MAX users but each client should use only one of these reports depending on what type of region they operate in.

If running iFranchise report, enter the RE/MAX Region # – this is provided by corporate

Select month ending date: any date can be selected but system will automatically reset to the last day of the month for the date selected

Select the output folder

Select Export to generate the file

A message will display if any data issues that prevent the files from being generated

When files are generated successfully, a message similar to the following will be displayed:

The first part of the file name will identify which export it is (COR, IOR, or iFranchise), then next part identifies the year and month, then last part is a date/time.

File is then ready for direct upload to the RE/MAX portal

Have agent teams? See this article to read about team functionality in REALedger

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