Commissions Release Notes version 5.3.0


  • Application rebranded from Emphasys/Back Office to Constellation1 Commissions; including logos, product names & license agreement. Users may have to re-initiate QuickBooks® Desktop Integration
  • Accounting / Search Escrow/Trust Deposits allows users to disburse escrow/trust deposits on a closed transaction if configured



  • Company Profile / Fees can be configured to “Exclude from Company $” and applies ONLY to Reports / Management / Pending Sales Reports / Cash Flow Projection



  • FIRM date under Conditions allows users to enter any date as needed if not tracking conditions/contingencies
  • Contacts (Sellers/Buyers) configured as Companies now display the Business phone when attached to transaction



  • Corrected Sales Volume rounding issue on the Transaction Commission/Fee/Sales report
  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices “Batch Tie-Out” report corrected to filter by dates selected
  • Real Estate Trust Ledger Detail report provides option to NOT include transactions with $0.00 balances
  • Transactions Source of Business report enhanced to include the following:
    • Report Type / Detail version includes columns for Source of Business, Property Address, Agent Name and Side Represented
    • Source of Business filter



  • Dual agency transactions with agents at different branch offices and an escrow/trust deposit attached now correctly integrate to the class in QuickBooks®
  • Corrected “Transaction out of balance” journal entry error with a one bank configuration
  • SSN/EIN integrates to the Vendor/Supplier list with QuickBooks® Online
  • Referrals imported from TMS systems supports a flat dollar amount or percentage
  • Lease transactions imported from TMS systems include 1 Landlord, 2 Tenants and Leased Price
  • QuickBooks® Online Connection Authorization enhanced to support Intuit security requirements to use only Chromium-based embedded browsers

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