Release Notes Version 5.1.0 (Back Office)


  • Agents Anniversary Reset no longer includes Inactive Agents
  • Enabled scroll functionality on main Transaction window for easier navigation
  • Drop down filter allows to select All, Open, Closed or Voided Transactions to be displayed
  • More intuitive prompt added when Agent tax does not equal the configured tax rate
  • Users can edit Letter Merge Documents prior to sending by email
  • Removed Feedback menu via Help



  • Disable prompt to Update Buyer’s Address added to Company Profile > System Defaults > Additional System Settings. When initiated, user will no longer be prompted to Update the Buyer’s Address to the Transactions Address. The prompt is automatically disabled when Transaction side represented is Selling or Both.
  • Added caution prompt to prevent user from modifying Brokerage Name via Company Profile or Resources
  • Added caution prompt to prevent user from modifying Branch Office Number
  • “Tax” and “Last Updated” fields populate expected values for Attorneys or Title Companies resource
  • City can be assigned to Branch/Offices on the fly
  • MLS/TMS Integration allows user to customize and/or add statuses to sync
  • Attorney’s or Title Companies resource enhanced with option to “Set Default payee To Company”



  • Transaction Type tagged Referral no longer require Sale Price
  • Multiple Escrow/Trust bank accounts allows user to enter deposits without having to save the bank account first
  • When new Seller is added to Transaction, the address of Transaction is auto-populated
  • “Edit-Closing” enables user to modify Branch and zip/postal code



  • Agent Income Detail; removed Manager Override column
  • Agent Incentive Level allows filtering by Closed or Processed dates
  • FINTRAC Audit includes internal agent, client address, Side Represented and total commission
  • BHHS Associate Production separates Branch Office when Page Break is configured
  • Company Profit Transaction Fee Detail Summary allows filter to exclude Conditionals
  • T4A Summary is included in e-file submission
  • A1 & A2 TRS supports option to “Hide Gross for Secondary Agents”
  • All TRS formats default to “Display Attorney/Title Company” which can be removed if Lease Transaction
  • “Exclude Terminated Agents” option added to Company Profit Transaction Detail and Ranking, Company Profit Transaction Fee Detail Summary, Agent Sales Ranking and Agent Incentive Level reports
  • Agent Income Detail displays tax name as configured
  • “Include Agent Initial History” option added to Company Profit Transaction Fee Detail Summary and Windermere Monthly Summary reports
  • Renamed “Receipt” header in Trust Account Activity Detail report to “Check/Receipt #”
  • Spelling corrected where identified



  • Enabled integration for Century 21 & ERA to send Agent, Team, Transactions, and personnel data to Dash
  • Buyer column added in MLS/TMS sync window grid
  • MLS/TMS sync includes Co-operating brokerage (Co-broker)
  • MLS/TMS sync allows edit of system assigned “RE Transaction Number” no MLS number available
  • Added integration support for Ziplogix zipTMS and Transaction Point 
  • When “Agent By-Pass” bank account initiated deposits in QuickBooks© will use Title Company name
  • Agent commission checks/cheques can now be configured to sync to Accounts Payable as Bills Agent Commission Integrate to Accounts Payable/Bills (Back Office)
  • Fixed “Trans #” label to be consistent when integrated to QuickBooks©
  • Batching of Checks/Cheques and Deposits displays sum of items selected
  • “Update Check/Cheque, Journal & Bill Number” populates the common number for all selected Transactions  when batching check/cheques
  • Transaction Address syncs to Memo Field for all Journal Entries in QuickBooks©
  • Edits/updates to Resources, for example, new address syncs to QuickBooks©
  • Integration to QuickBooks© enhanced to include maximum 11 character (limitation from QuickBooks©) Escrow/Trust Deposit check/cheque number
  • QuickBooks© Online integration enhanced to support OAuth 2.0 (An authentication protocol that allows you to approve one application interacting with another on your behalf without giving away your password) QuickBooks© Authorization (Back Office)

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