Release Notes Version 5.0.2 (Back Office)


  • Enhanced Agents Anniversary Reset to hide Inactive Agents
  • Enabled scroll functionality on main Transaction window for easier navigation
  • Advanced Search on main Transaction window added to filter by All, Open, Closed or Voided transactions
  • Reworded prompt when Agent tax does not equal the tax rate so as to be more intuitive



  • New setting in Company Profile > System Defaults > Additional System Settings to disable or only display prompt to update buyer’s address when side represented is Selling or Both
  • Added caution prompt if editing Brokerage Information via Company Profile or Resources
  • Added caution prompt if editing Branch Office
  • Fixed “Tax & Last Updated Fields” for Attorneys or Title Companies resources
  • Fixed issue when assigning City to Branch/Offices on the fly
  • Enhanced MLS/TMS Integration allowing users to customize statuses to sync



  • Transactions with Transaction Type tagged Referral no longer require a Sale Price
  • Streamlined multiple escrow/trust bank accounts entry of deposits for easier navigation



  • Removed Manager Override columns on the Agent Income Detail report
  • Agent Incentive Level report now supports filtering by Closed or Processed dates
  • FINTRAC Audit report now includes internal agent, client address, Side Represented and total commission
  • Fixed BHHS Associate Production report when Page Break Between Branch Office is configured
  • Company Profit Transaction Fee Detail Summary report enhanced with option to exclude Conditionals
  • T4A Summary report included when Processing T4As



  • Enabled integration for Century 21 & ERA to send agent, team, transactions, and personnel data to dash
  • Add column for Buyer in the MLS/TMS sync window
  • TMS sync enhanced to include Co-operating brokerage (Co-broker)
  • Agent commission checks/cheques can now be configured to sync to Accounts Payable as Bills Agent Commission Integrate to Accounts Payable/Bills (Back Office)
  • Address now syncs to Memo Field for all Journal Entries in QuickBooks©
  • Edits to Resources (i.e. new address) will now sync to QuickBooks©
  • Added integration support for Ziplogix’s zipTMS and Transaction Point
  • Enhanced deposits to use Title Company name vs agent’s Customer Name when “Agent By-Pass” bank account initiated and integrated to QuickBooks©
  • Fixed “Trans #” label to be consistent when integrated to QuickBooks©
  • QuickBooks© Online integration enhanced to support OAuth 2.0 (An authentication protocol that allows you to approve one application interacting with another on your behalf without giving away your password) QuickBooks© Authorization (Back Office)

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