Receiving Payments on Account

Only money received directly from the Agent as a payment on account should be handled in the Receive Payments menu. If there is a payment deduction on account as you close and process a transaction, the integration between the two programs will automatically update the outstanding balance in QuickBooks®.  However, before you create any invoices for the following month, ensure that all payments that have been taken as a result of closing a transaction, are applied to the appropriate invoice(s).

When recording an Agent’s payment on their account (other than by deduction from a closing)

Select the Customers menu > Receive Payments

Select the appropriate name from the Customer Job drop down menu

Enter the information specific to the payment being made

The amount of the Customer Balance will automatically display if an outstanding balance exists on their account. Enter the required information in the window (i.e. date, amount of check, cash or credit card, etc)

To apply payments deducted from a transaction’s closing navigate to Customers > Receive Payments

Select the Agent’s name from the drop down

Highlight the invoice where payment is to be applied from the grid

Select Discount & Credits

Select the credits to be applied to the invoice(s) selected and select Done

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