REALedger Installation Instructions

Download the REALedger Installation file located at:

Extract the files then double click on the Setup_6.9 file

Install the software choosing the Workstation and Server option, to C:\REALedger

In a Finder window, map a network drive to the data files on the server.  If other users access the REALedger data on the server, you want to map this computer the exact same way.  For example; if another user goes to R:\REALedger, then you need to map the R drive to the REALedger folder on the server as well.
Within the Finder window, browse to the REALedger folder on the C drive and delete the following files:
Go back to the REALedger folder on the server and locate the file called real_prg.mde

Right click on the file and select Copy

Go to the REALedger folder on the C drive, right click in white space and selected Paste. Note:  If other users are currently running version 6.9, you will also need to place a copy of the Image folder in their C:\REALedger folder
Right click on the REALedger desktop icon and selectt Properties

In the Target field, find the section:  “C:\REALedger\Real.mdw”.  This path needs to change to the path to the server (like R:\REALedger\Real.mdw).  Click OK
Login to REALedger as the master user.  You will receive a notification stating the systen cannot locate the files. Click OK and a browse window will open.  Find the real_dat.mdb file on the server

We recommend installations be completed during regular business hours to ensure our support team is available should you require technical support.

Emphasys offers cloud services. If interested in this option or to have our team manage this installation please contact us or call 888-661-6600 Option 1.


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