Release Notes (REALedger Version 2019.07.31)


  • Improvement to navigation when Edit selected within a sale record, the navigation list (left side panel) now minimizes automatically
  • When trust deposit added, user now prompted whether to update amount of the non-trust deposit line
  • Custom Sale Field Types can be changed from Date to Text or Numeric to Text
  • Class & Responsibility Code defaults now populate when entering a new sale
  • NACHA batch export enhanced to support multiple transactions with the same reference number. Baatch records are now included in bank reconciliations
  • Online Sales Detail report enhanced with Transaction # column, option to hide Volume, option to hide Agent Commission, option to change to landscape view to support additional columns, new sort order options for Address, Date then Address, Date then Transaction #, Transaction #
  • Added secondary grouping for sorting by Account or by Agent on the All Charges Entered/Paid by GL Code
  • Statement, Balance Forward report renamed to Charge Statements. This version allows users to select open items or Balance forward
  • Earnings/Projections/Unpaid Charges Report has been added and renamed: Earnings Projections
  • Agent commission statement now displays the full value by wrapping text to multiple lines
  • Bank Account field (General Ledger) extended to support up to 15 characters
  • Check Number and Address columns added to the preview screen
  • Within Bank Reconciliation process: added ability to multi-select records to be processed at the same time
  • Month to Date totals in Anniversary Year fixed to display on agent’s Contract date and Current date


Processing & AP

  • Issue Commission Payments can be processed for a sale that only has deferred payments
  • Search in Agents dropdown in Non-Commission Deposit and Agents Charges enhanced to match any number of characters
  • Bills and Recurring Bills display de-activated/terminated vendors at the bottom below all active vendors
  • Trust Transaction now supports selecting “Date Paid” when new trust line is added
  • Trust Checks can now be printed in a format of FirstName LastName.
  • Trust Check Address line item saves the value entered in City/State/Zip
  • Trust Cash account can be selected allowing user to view available Trust records and print the check accordingly
  • GL Accounts can be found in all forms by typing a sequentional numbers, not only the first one
  • Team leader’s address prints on the payment when team setup specifies that the payment goes to the team leader
  • The date in the GL for the third-party activity now matches the modified value if Payment Received date was changed in a closed sale that has third-party lines
  • W-2 now generated successfully regardless of number of employees
  • Re-calculation Projected Agent/Office Splits now ignores commissions that are marked as deleted
  • Re-calculate Projected Agent/Office Splits recognizes when a new commission year would start and determine appropriate incentive level
  • Cash and cash trust accounts can now be deleted if they have never been used
  • “Print Comment On Check” added to Bills and Recurring bill templates to enable comments to be printed on agent checks. When multiple bills are paid with single check, only Comments included in first bill posts posts to Memo line
  • Vendor record with existing bills can be succesfully modified if the user elected to update the existing bills for the new 1099 status
  • Values entered in Bills and Credits/Payments are rounded to the nearest cent. As a result same amount is displayed in GL Explorer and Bills or AP Credits/Payments



  • Sale Type filter now houses a {blank} transaction type to allow users to include or exclude activity where transaction type is not entered
  • Fixed issue on Agent Income Ledger reports when filtering by Projects
  • Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA) has been ported from version 1.0
  • Sale Price added to new agent Commission Statement
  • The Vendor selection list now displays a column with End Date
  • Payroll Journal items are now listed in order of date paid
  • Employee Sick/Vacation/Holiday Detail Report enhanced so items are now listed in date order within each earnings group
  • Operations Review Report enhanced to support all users
  • Sales Detail Reports now display the Sales Price Total regardless if “Show Deduction Grand Totals” option is selected
  • AP Aging Report run by Due Date enhanced to omit payments for paid bills where no Due Date available



  • Enhancement made to not include de-activated deductions such as FICA when loading the defaults
  • Issue Payroll Payments notifies the user if the deductions have not been assigned GL accounts yet. Refresh button has been implemented in tab header so users can edit deductions and earnings codes without closing Issue Payroll Payment
  • Date Paid can now be edited and saved in historical view
  • Sick and vacation hours are calculated as hours accrued less hours used already
  • Checkbox column added to Earnings Tab allowing deletion of selected records
  • Employee record can now be copied and saved with a new name
  • Deleted records now no longer appear in the navigation list of payroll records



  • Office record can now be saved after changing the default gross commission account for the office even when settings ACCDEFGC and GLPERAGEN are disabled
  • Refresh button in the tab header now enabled

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