NACHA File Export (REALedger 2.0 or above)

ACHA is a banking standard for handling automated clearing house (ACH) activities. Most banks today accept files in a prescribed format to initiate automated clearing hour activity; also known as direct deposits.

Once the sale is processed in REALedger, users are able to generate this NACHA file containing the day’s ACH payments for agents, vendors, and/or employees (if Payroll enabled) and then submit this file to your bank via their website to issue payment.

The first step is to enter each agents’ account and routing numbers in their profile.

To default to paying agents by ACH, select ‘Pay By ACH? option located on the Misc tab. Any commission can be overridden to pay by ACH or not prior to closing:

The behavior of the ACH Information List on the Credit Card/ACH tab of the agent profile varies depending on whether ACH integration through Emphasys is enabled or not. When ACH integration with Emphasys is not enabled, the agent’s account information is entered as shown above and the agent’s bank account number is encrypted and stored in REALedger. When ACH integration with Emphasys is enabled, the account information is entered through a third party website that is then captured through the REALedger system as a tokenized value. This is done for PCI compliance.

The Vendors section also allows vendor bank account information to be stored:

Select the ACH box to default to paying the vendor via ACH:

Like agents, the default payment method can be overridden on a case by case basis; this is done when paying bills.

Pay Bills houses an ACH column in the grid of unpaid bills. The option will be selected/de-selected based on the pre-configured ‘Pay By ACH?’ value within vendor profile. This can be selected/de-selected as needed:

The Pre-check Report shows a column ‘ACH?’ and separates sub-totals for ACH/non-ACH. This follows the same logic as commission check processing functionality:

After the Pre-Check report has been viewed, the Print ACH Advises button will enable if bills being paid by ACH is recognized by the system:

The ACH advise resembles a check but is intended for printed use:

The Bank module contains the Processing item ‘NACHA Export’:

The NACHA export view defaults the Starting and Ending Dates both to the current date

Select the Cash Account

Missing bank account information is displayed in red:

Bank account information for the company’s account is entered in the Chart of Accounts (COA):

Dates can be modified as needed > select Cash Account > select Retrieve Payments

The payment list will be populated with the relevant ACH payments. Payees whose account information has not been entered will display warning text in red and will be de-selected (cannot be selected). To modify, visit the agent or vendor profile and enter the account information as previously outlined

Payments with no warnings are selected by default

On first use, select Choose Folder to select the output location; this will enable the Generate NACHA File option:

Select Generate NACHA File

A message is displayed after the file has been created:

The file is created in the selected folder and named NACHA_xxxxx_YYYYMMDDhhmm.txt where xxxxx is the GL code of the cash account and YYYYMMDDhhmm is the current date and time.

Follow the steps provided by your bank to submit the file online.

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