REALedger Migration FAQs

This article provides an outline of what you can expect during the migration to Emphasys’ latest version of REALedger.

Are there specific items to follow to ensure data is ready?

Yes please refer to our Month End Check List.

You will want to work through the check list for both databases to ensure the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and all sub ledgers foot to the Balance Sheet. In addition, please ensure running any reports that are part of your usual month end process to confirm data validity.

Note the new version does not require posting or consolidating. However, if this is standard process in your old version, ensure including this step

What support is available on the migration date?

Our support staff will allign to work the same schedule as your staff that day and available if any issues arise

Will past data continue to be available if needed?

Yes, Emphasys will continue to allow access to your old database(s) and historic data as needed. Hosted users will be allowed to keep data for a period of seven years after migration

Is all historical data migrated? 

A significant majority of historical data can be migrated with the exception of previous bank reconciliations. For additional questions on what can be included please contact sales at 888-661-6600

What information syncs from our transaction management system (TMS) to Emphasys?

For Skyslope: refer to this article

For dotloop: refer to this article

For docusign DTR: (coming soon)

Will the integration between our TMS and Emphasys be live as soon as we migrate?


Will the new version support Listing management?

Listing management now available online with many improved features.

Contacts: It appears the current data in Contacts is pulled from Vendors: does this data need to be imported?

In the new version, when a new agent is entered manually the system automatically creates a contact record for the vendor; the contact record is required but mostly transparent unless viewing Contact records directly in System > Setup > Contacts.

Commission Plans: If a plan name is changed, does this automatically update in existing agents files?

Yes the name would change in existing agent files.

A/P: Mark AP Activity as Posted to G/L?

This feature existed in legacy version under the System module. Used to avoid activity being double-counted in the General Ledger (GL)– by marking this activity as posted, does not post to GL again but still available for payments or in bank reconciliations.

A/P: When transactions are voided, does system automatically create a new A/P transaction that is unpaid?

There were fundamental improvements to AP made including the ability to partially pay (or overpay) bills. When an AP bill is paid, a payment record is created and it is related to the bill it paid, but which bill(s) it paid can be changed afterwards in the AP Credits/Payments view. When a payment is voided, a negating payment record is created and applied to the same bill(s) as the original payment; the original bill record(s) still exists and are unchanged, but now instead of showing in the Paid section of the Bills view, they are listed in the Unpaid section again and available for payment again in Pay Bills.

General Ledger: transactions now post to GL without processing consolidations.

Financial activity now processes automatically.

Posting is the same as in the legacy version: when posting through a date, system flags all the monetary activity up through that date as posted and flagged “POSTED”. Once posted, the system does not allow changes to any information that affects the GL.

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