General Release Notes (REALedger)

Release Build: 2019.09.20


  • Batch Deposit Breakdown report fixed
  • In the General Ledger Listing Report, if an account has no activity during the selected period, report will now display starting and ending balances



  • When entering a new employee record, all date fields now default to current date



  • In a sale record, if users re-initialize, the agent commission plan will reset to the default
  • In the Third-party tab, the side that paid now displays in the drop down


Release Build: 2019.08.30                                                                                                 

All Modules

  • Deactivated Offices now listed at the bottom of drop down in red
  • GL code selection, from drop downs, will now match up to 5 characters.
  • All Class drop downs now list inactive classes at the bottom, in red
  • The Refresh icon from within System > Setup > User screen now update newly added roles



  • System now supports multiple AP payment transactions with the same invoice reference number when exporting ACH batches
  • Date paid on a copied manual bill can now be modified when the original bill has already been reconciled
  • Vendors 1099 statuses can now be changed, even if bills pending on the account
  • System now supports printing check comments on the check memo field using the (BILLCMMTONCHECK) setting
  • When entering a new bill, only active vendors will be shown in the filter view. Selecting Show All will include terminated vendors. End Date column added for additional sorting and filtering options
  • On AP reports, a new filter tab has been added for Vendor Term Date
  • When numeric values are entered as a fraction of a cent (.0125), system will now automatically round up or down to a full cent or two decimal places.  This functionality will apply to any bill or payments entry
  • Sick and Vacation hours are now calculated as accrued and subtract any time used during a specific pay period
  • Trust checks now print First name then Last name on checks (if no Company name)
  • Fixed issue where first page printed blank when running a multi-page AP Check Register
  • When running AP Aging Report by Due Date, invoice will not show if a Due Date was not entered for the bill
  • Accounts Payable check register now filters by cash account



  • On Agent Income Ledger, Projects filter has been added
  • Commission statements now show agent and office split, and both percentage of split (plan) and dollar amount for office split
  • Option to deactivate a team by entering a Deactivate Date in the Team setup
  • The Agents Anniversary Month to Date totals corrected to calculate based on the agent’s contract date through the current date



  • Deleted Payroll records will no longer appear in the navigation list
  • Prompt will be displayed on deductions without valid GL account assigned
  • Vacation and sick hours used and accrued, are now calculating correctly
  • Now easily create W2s for all employees
  • Historical payroll now supports Date Paid independent of Processing For date
  • New option added to Employee Earnings code section to allow any assigned earnings code to be selected and removed from the employee record
  • Fixed issue whereby deactivated deductions no longer upload into payroll records when using the load defaults option
  • Payroll Journal items now listed in chronological order using Date paid
  • Employee Sick/Vacation/Holiday Detail Report is now listed in date order
  • Employee name, Office code and Payroll check number now print on both check stubs



  • When entering or editing a sale, Transaction Type no longer a required field
  • If configured, prompt will be now be displayed when saving a sale if E&O count, MLS number, Project and/or side counts omitted
  • Navigation list will automatically collapse when entering or editing a sale
  • When retrieving a trust check, prompt added to update amount of the non-trust deposit line
  • Sales price has been added to the agent Commission statement
  • Third Party dates will now automatically change if the Payment Received date changes on a closed sale
  • Trust deposits can now be linked to a Sale from within the Trust and Sale record
  • Trust checks corrected to show correct address
  • Custom sale field type can now be modified. Allowed changes include: Date to Text or Numeric to Text. All existing sales records will be converted to the new field type
  • Seller and Buyer names expanded to accommodate up to 128 characters
  • Re-calculate Projected Agent/Office Splits now ignores commissions marked as deleted
  • When entering or editing a sale and Office is selected, the Class and Check Responsibility will auto complete using the office defaults.
  • When an Agent is part of a team and “Pay Leader” selected, checks will be issued to the Team Leader, along with the team leader’s address
  • Sales Detail Report now shows the Sales Total at the bottom of the report
  • Re-calculate Projected Agent/Office splits adjusted to recognize when a new commission year would start and determine appropriate incentive level
  • BHHS franchises can now enter zero amount for sale price, when the transaction type field set to ST.
  • If Deferred option selected on an agent’s Sale record, option added to change payment type to either Check or ACH
  • New System setting added (RECALCCOMMISSION) to  allow the Re-calculate button on the Sale record to default as “checked”
  • On a Sale, if only manual check Agent records are selected for payment, the “Issue Payments” button is disabled during the check issuing process



  • NACHA exports now support multiple transactions with the same reference number
  • When issuing a Trust check, the Date Paid is now editable allowing users more flexibility when issuing a check back to a Buyer
  • Bank account number field expanded to now support 15 characters
  • Column for check number added to Batch Deposits
  • When batching deposits, Address column added to the selection grid
  • Bank Reconciliation now supports multi-select by selecting a row, shift clicking on the last row to select all rows in-between
  • Filter added to Non-Commission Deposits for easier search
  • When a Non-Commission deposit date is changed, date will also be changed in the deposit Description and AR payment Description
  • Batch Deposits now displays amount of check and check number in columns making items easier to find in the selected batch
  • Bank Account Number field has been expanded to allow up to 15 characters
  • Credits and debits now reported accurately in the Cash Activity Report when selecting Show Debits and Credits in separate columns
  • Pending sales transactions with Agent manual checks enhanced to be omitted when working on bank reconciliations


General Ledger

  • When journal entry reversed that had been previously reconciled, the reversing journal entry will now no longer be marked reconciled
  • Enhancement to allow deleting a Cash Account that was created and assigned to a class, if the class has no activity.  User can also delete the account, afte Class also removed. Same applies to Trust accounts
  • On the GL Listing report, the Retained Earnings beginning balance now reflects correct balance

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