When to use Re-Initialize function in REALedger


This function is used to update commission calculations to get current incentive level and/or retrieve the latest agent charge balance. Also used to obtain latest deduction information if deduction setup changed after agent was first added to sale. The re-calculation of commission and unpaid agent charges will occur automatically during the closing process if the “Re-calculate during closing beginning with Pre-splits?” option is selected, which it is by default. Note that incentive level could be different if other sales have closed since the sale being modified.

Gross Commission & Downstream

This function re-calculates the agent’s Gross commission and all amounts below. Used if agent’s Gross commission percentage is changed or overall sale commission (Commission tab) is changed.

Office $ and Downstream

Takes the adjusted gross commission and recalculates agent/office split and post-split deductions as well as agent payment amounts. Omits gross commission, pre-split deductions, and adjusted gross commission.

Post Splits & Downstream

Re-calculates post-split deductions and agent payment amounts. Omits gross commission, pre-split deductions, adjusted gross commission, and agent/office splits.


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