Release Notes Version 3.79 (quick!Office Commander)

New Features

  1. SMS Messaging method now available to support agents and Sellers. Call us for a quote
  2. Automated showings confirmation for Sellers / Tenants now available! Includes option to Accept, Decline or Time Change request
  3. New Listings notification added to automated Listings Event options
  4. quick!Community enhanced to allow users to share new and exclusive listings, price reductions, open houses and Agent’s Corner notifications with Internal or other Brokerages based on configuration



  • New process for photo uploads to help improve upload speed
  • E-mail confirmation with Showing Agents has been enabled in Virtual Office
  • SMS option added to View Appt Message Status view showing notification sent to Sellers / Tenants
  • SMS Phone Number field added to store a virtual phone number for each branch (File > Set Program Preferences – Office Info Tab)
  • Enable SMS for listing Contacts added to Tools to enable mass changes
  • Review Supplies by Date Entered fixed to sort based on the date
  • SMS usage notification when 90% of usage reached
  • Integration with Vaultlock (electronic lockboxes)


Phone List

  • Send Messages Using field has been modified
    • Pager and “Page/Email” options in drop down have been replaced with “SMS” and “Email/SMS”
    • NO MSG option is added to accommodate staff where messaging is not applicable
    • Paging Service field has been removed
    • Pager code has been renamed to Pager SMS Code

View Messages

  • New radio button filter added to display Incoming Messages. Green icon indicates incoming messages and system also shows number of replied messages
  • Mark as Read option enhanced to mark messages reviewed
  • New blue envelope icon to display original message sent to agents


Listings: Seller/Appt tab

  • Auto Confirmation option added to flag listings for automated confirmation with Sellers/Tenants
  • SMS option added to each Contact to support Seller confirmation via SMS
  • Send Confirmation to this contact option added so users can specify which Contact(s) will confirm appointment
  • Vaultlock option now available from drop down for each Contact



  • Save + Next button now grayed out when appointments are booked on listings flagged for auto confirmation
  • Online Appointments and appointments requested via Virtual Office default to showing duration set in quick!Office Commander
  • Alternative Phone number label is renamed to Your Cell Number
  • Information entered in Message field in confirmation slip is now omitted in email confirmations sent to showing agent
  • Details in Appt Menu now displays reason why appointment was declined


Unconfirmed Appointments

  • Auto confirmation by Seller added to top of list for listings flagged as auto confirmed
  • Waiting for Seller confirmation note is displayed in Action column. The record will be automatically removed when Seller / Tenant Accept the showing
  • When Seller requests an appointment time change, appointment remains in queue for office to confirm



  • Agents can be omitted from notifications including posts sent via Agent’s Corner
  • Time range can be now selected to include showings during 30, 60 or 90 days for notifications to be sent to Showing Agents
  • New Listings Event added to automated notifications (sent every 6 hours)
  • Exclusive Listings Event can be selected to share with quick!Community
  • New format enables agents to View Feature Sheet, Contact Listing Agent and Book Appointment
  • Option to select events to be received from other Brokerages in quick!Community


Agent’s Corner

  • Agents Corner option is added to be sent posts to internal agents
  • quick!Community alert options: I have a Buyer, I have a Property posts can be sent to quick!Community users and internal agents as configuration
  • Attachments can be uploaded to each note (saved in Resources > Agents documents)

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