How to customize QuickBooks® Invoice Balances & Memorized Transactions

This article outlines how to modify the customer invoice template to include Customer Total Balance and update Memorized Transactions with the new invoice template. Version: QuickBooks® Desktop.

Open Templates under  Lists > Templates

Select Current Copy of Template: Intuit Service Invoice Template

Make a new copy of Copy of Intuit of Intuit Service Invoice: select Copy and OK

Select Additional Customization


Navigate to the Footer Tab > At the Balance Due line add check mark to Print

Select Print Preview  > Confirm Customer Total balance appears on the template and select OK

Test Newest Template by selecting a customer with an existing balance

Create a new invoice using the new template

Select Print Preview to see result:



Replace Memorized Transaction (New customer invoice template)

Open Memorized Transactions

Double Click on an existing agent Invoice

Change to Newest Template

Select Memorize and then select Replace

When prompted to record the transaction select No

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