QuickBooks® Memorized Transactions

A recurring transaction that has been set-up in QuickBooks® is called a memorized transaction. Set-up recurring transactions to record at regular intervals over a period of time.  Choose to record automatically or have QuickBooks® remind you or just add the transaction to a list and its ready for entry at any time.  Memorized transactions reduce mistakes, keep better tabs of cash in bank and increase accuracy: A reminder each month will appear (if configured) that will allocate the same invoice when authorized, to save from re-entering identical invoices each month.

To enter a Memorized Transaction, follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to Lists > Memorized Transaction List
  • Select the Memorized Transaction button and create New Group; complete the details as required
  • Once the New Group is created, you can create the invoice, transaction, check, deposit or journal entry
  • Once the invoice is created you will click Edit > Memorize Invoice
  • On new window select With Transactions In Group then select the Group Name created above
  • Do not save the invoice at this time, simply close the window
  • To process these invoices, simply highlight the transactions (or wait for reminder if selected when New Group was set up) and select Enter Transaction button which will load a window showing next posting date of the Group. If date is correct, select OK
  • Once the memorized invoices have been created, you can add any additional charges as required


Please note that any change(s) made to an existing memorized transaction will require re-memorizing the transaction.

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