QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online

Please note that QuickBooks® Online does not provide a utility in Canada to migrate to QuickBooks® Desktop.

QuickBooks®Desktop (QBD) QuickBooks® Online (QBO)
No session time out Settings provide an option to monitor timeout intervals; PC configuration can override
With QBD, A/R amounts can be deducted from commission payouts during the Closing Process This function is not supported: A/Rs need to be imported as Credit Memos or as payments not applied to invoices
With QBD, agent Expense Payments will create a Credit which can be applied to invoices Requires receiving a payment or journal entry to apply credit to the Customer/Job and the bank
With QBD, Statements can include line item invoiced details This function is not supported; Statements display sum of payment, balance, etc.
Other Names List All resources (Buyers/Sellers, Attorney’s, Title Companies, Advance Companies etc) post to Vendor List
Unlimited Integration Requires a manual bi-annual reconnection between applications
Multiple Business Templates Not supported
20 Custom Fields in QBD Pro/Premier
45 Custom Field in QBD Enterprise
4 Custom Fields total
Speed- this will depend on user’s ISP and other factors but QBD generally performs tasks faster and changes are immediate Speed- this will depend on user’s ISP and other factors but users may experience reduced performance. Changes require refresh to view (F5 or Ctrl+R)
1099/T4A supported 1099/T4A requires QBO Essentials Plus
Backups: manual and/or pre-scheduled Automatic
Updates: additional purchase required Automatic
Batch invoicing: supported Batch invoicing: does not offer this feature
Provides industry specific features for businesses that fall into one of the following industries: General Business, Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Professional Services, Retail & Nonprofit Generic
Accounts Payable: supported Requires subscription to QBO Essentials or Essentials Plus
Inventory and Job Costing: supported Requires subscription to QBO Essentials Plus
QBD Pro/Premier: 14,500 maximum
QBD Enterprise: 100,000 +
Contacts: Intuit advises that after 10K, users generally experience significant performance loss
General Ledger Accounts require Account Type, Name & General Ledger number Require Category Type (Account Type), Name, General Ledger & Detail Type
Check Formats: 3 formats supported 2 formats supported
One time Integration Re-establish connection to Intuit continually because of security measures in place with the online application
Direct Deposit: supported with the purchase of 3rd Party Application that integrates with QBD such as Telpay Direct Deposit: supported
Enter any date; past, present and future as needed Unable to back-date Invoices, Recurring Transactions, etc. Users can only enter today’s date or a date in the future


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