Process Batch Checks/Cheques in Commissions

The purpose of this article provides the steps to Process Batch Checks/Cheques daily, weekly, monthly, etc. once the individual transactions are closed and processed in Commissions.

Navigate to Accounting / Accounting Batch Processes / Process Batch Checks/Cheques

Select “From/To” Check/Cheque Dates, the applicable bank account and the Payee from the drop downs.   Once selected, click on Search icon.

The list of checks/cheques will display for you to select which should be included in the batch, as well as the sum of the batch for the Payee.

Place check to left of each and select Process button. The original checks/cheques created (regardless of the date) will VOID in QuickBooks® and a new check/cheque with today’s date will create for you to print.

The check/cheque will look comparable to the screen shot once integrated to QuickBooks® Desktop or Online.

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