Printing 1099s

Description: This article highlights the easy steps to follow to print 1099 forms from REALedger.

  1. Select the Agents module

  1. Select Processing
  2. Select 1099s
  3. Select the Tax Year if necessary
  4. Select Create 1099 Records
  5. Navigate to the Reporting tab to print the following reports:
  • Pre-1099
  • Official 1099s
  • Official 1099s – Corrections Only
  • Plain Paper 1099s – 1 per page
  • Plain Paper 1099s – 2 per page
  • Plain Paper – Corrections Only


If you are filing electronically, we recommend sending a test file to the IRS; ensure you have a username and password for the IRS’ test site.

Once you have a username and password select IRS Format – Test File from the Export drop-down list

Select the output file directory by browsing to a location and select Save

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