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We have provided you with some templates that can be changed, modified or customized to suit your company’s needs.  The quickest and easiest way to customize your templates is to go to the Set Up Menu and Letter templates..

Double click on the letter you wish to customized.. The templated MS Word letters have a “.dot” extension.

A few notes for customization:


  • The text of the letter can be edited the same way as you would edit text in any MS Word document.
  • You can also adjust your margins
  • The merge fields can be moved the same way you would move text in any MS Word document.
  • You may wish to add your company logo, address and other contact information so that your letters will generate similarly to using your current letterhead.
  • Anything that you want to populate every letter generated, should be modified on the template, for example your companies tax number


When all of your customization is complete, save your changes by going to File / Save As… leave the File name as displayed.  Then, Exit the application of MS Word (if desired) or you can continue to customize all of the letters templates at the same time.


To exit this application, click on the “X” of the Letter Maintenance window to return to the main screen.


Once all of your letters have been customized to your own preferences, you must reselect the letters in your company profile via the Letter Templates node of the System Defaults tab.   This will ensure that all letters will generate as expected with the changes you have made.


Letters With More Than One Tax Calculation

Back Office also includes the following templated letters to support a 2nd tax calculation;

  • Advance 2nd Tax.dot
  • Buying Broker 2nd Tax.dot
  • Notary letter.dot (letter to be used when the Buyer’s Attorney disburses funds on closing)
  • Seller’s Attorney 2nd Tax.dot
  • Selling Broker 2nd Tax.dot


In order to use these templates you must first add them to the Letters node on the System Defaults Tab of the company profile before you can customize them via Letters Templates

Then you will follow the same process as noted above.

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