How to Issue Trust Checks Manually

This article outlines the steps to manually issue a trust check.

Go to Sales>>Processing>>Trust Transactions

Highlight trust record and select Edit

Click the green plus sign and select Check from the Type drop-down

Do not enter Date Paid or Check #; these fields will auto-populate at the completion of the check run

Enter Amount

Select the Payer/Payee by clicking the green plus sign, to bring up the Contacts pop-up

Type the contacts name in the Filter if you have used this contact previously; otherwise click Add to create a new contact record

Enter First Name Last Name, or Company name; only one of these fields is required in order to save the record

Fill in as much additional information as you require and select Save, then OK

Select Resource Type from the dropdown

The Comment, Check Address, and Check City/State Zip fields are optional.  Note:  If you enter the address, the address will appear on the check and will display in your windowed envelopes

Click Save

To print the check go to Sales>>Processing>>Issue Trust Checks

Select the Trust Cash Account from the drop-down

Enter First Check Number and Select the check you want to print.

Click Pre-Check Report and print if you would like a hard copy.

Click Print Checks

If the check printed successfully click Finish Processing.

Note:  You may click Reset any time prior to clicking Finish Processing if you do not want to complete the check run

Close the Issue Trust Checks tab


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