Automated backups in the Cloud

This article provides information on automated backups for all Emphasys hosted products.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Emphasys Software uses Microsoft Azure for all current hosted solutions. We provide automated Backup and Recovery Service Vaults which takes a nightly snapshot of each virtual environment at 10PM EST and maintains the backup for 7 days.  Our support team can restore the image to recover backup data files as needed.

We also provide Geo Redundant Storage (GRS): This is the default option for redundancy when a storage account is created. With GRS, transactions are replicated synchronously to three storage nodes within the primary region chosen for creating the storage account and then queued for asynchronous replication to another secondary region (hundreds of miles away from the primary) where data is again made durable by replicating it to three more storage nodes there.

Read more about Geo Redundant Storage


Please contact us or call 888-661-6600 with questions or to move your Emphasys system to the cloud.

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