Guidelines to Set Up Both the Company and the Agents for New Re/Max Reports

NEW RE/MAX Franchise Reports which supports an excel file upload.

  1. Monthly Statistics Detail Report (COR); Company Owned Region
  2. Monthly Statistics Summary Report (IOR); Independent Owned Region
  3. Monthly Production Summary Report (iFranchise); RE/MAX Integra


If you have any issues with your submissions, you must contact your RE/MAX Support Desk for assistance.

Set Up & Configuration:

Under Set Up and Company Profile Integration tab, ensure that Enable Franchise Integration Box has been checked.

Set Up / Branch Locations.  A branch Location needs to be set up with the following format, regardless if there is only one branch location or not.

On the Agent profile each Agent should have their Branch Location

As well as the agents Franchise ID found under Additional Details.

Team Configurations

Each Team must be set up with a Team Name, a Team Franchise ID a Team Leader.

On the transaction / main tab the Trans Group must be selected.

For the Monthly Statistics COR report Property Type is required and is entered under Custom Data. At the time of entering the transaction.

If you already closed some transactions without the following information, there is now a new edit button for closed transactions.

The following fields are also required for Re/Max Reporting

The COR and ICOR Reports may also be exported to an Excel file.

Once exported to find the file, you will receive the following message.

Re/Max Monthly Statistics COR


Monthly Statistics Summary IOR

Monthly Production Summary iFranchise

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