How to export Reports from Emphasys’ cloud Environment

This article highlights how to configure your system to save and export reported from any application on the Emphasys cloud environment.

From any report preview screen > select Export

Enter a File Name

Save as type > select Rich Text Format (*.rtf) from the drop-down menu

Select Export

The file will save to the cloud in the Documents folder

Select the File Explorer icon from the Windows toolbar menu > open the Documents folder

Right click on the saved file and select Cut (Copy if you wish to retain a copy on the server)


Left click C on (your PC name):

Any folder(s) on your local PC or server’s C drive will be displayed

Paste the copied document into the desired directory folder:

Close the File Explorer window > then minimize or Close the server connection

Browse to the file(s) on your PC or server to access.

Alternatively Emphasys can provide Microsoft licenses; contact sales at 888-661-6600, Option 1

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