Escrow and Trust (Back Office)

Adding Escrow Companies and Disbursements

Navigate to the Transaction > select Edit

On the Deposits tab, expand the panel labeled Escrow and complete the required details

Select the Resource then the Search icon


Lookup the Contact Name or select Add to add new

Select the Contact and then select OK

Follow the same steps to select the Disbursement Rule

Escrow/Trust Deposits

Navigate to the Transaction’s Deposits tab > select Edit 

Select the Escrow/Trust Deposit icon:

Within the Escrow/Trust Deposits window > select Add

Select the appropriate Action: Deposit, Disburse, Issue Term Deposit/GIC, Redeem Term Deposit/GIC, Reverse or NSF-Non-Sufficient Funds and complete the details. If Action = Reverse, you must use the same date as the original deposit

Once entered, select Post Immediately then Save

or Save and send the Escrow/Trust Deposits via Accounting > Update Escrow/Trust Accounts:

Please note the Check/Cheque Number field is limited to a maximum 11 characters as supported by QuickBooks©

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