Entering Transactions

Upon login, the system will default to the Transaction screen in Search mode

At the bottom right of your screen, arrows support navigating to sequentially numbered transactions

The Main Tab of the Transaction

To enter a transaction, select the New icon.

If you have set up your Company Profile to automatically assign transaction numbers, the next sequential number will appear in the Trans. No. field.

If your Company Profile is set up so that the user has to assign transaction numbers, select the Trans No. field and enter the desired number.  This is a maximum of 16 alpha numeric values.

In the Trans Type field, select transaction type from the drop down menu.

Select the Transaction Group as required by your Franchise .

Property Type and Property Use is specific to a franchise requirement for reports.

Source of Business, is a reportable field to configure your own Business Sources. Please go to the Set Up Menu Table look ups, Transaction, Transaction Source of Business.


In Commissions, the Buy Side represents the Buyer, and Selling represents the Seller

Once the side represented is selected, the screen will change to now add Buyer and Seller information. If you choose to do later you can always add them, Back Office will not allow you to close a transactions without both Buyer and Seller being added to a transaction, we always recommend adding as much information as possible upon initial entry

Move to the Commissions tab and enter the the Sales price

Select Commission rule using the magnifying look up icon

For more details about creating commission rules see this article or enter the gross commission by using the Override option

The Gross commission will then apply to whichever side of the transaction being represented, if both sides will automatically allocated the gross evenly 50/50.

  • If Selling Side is selected, then the Selling Broker information will populate both the Commission and Deposit tabs accordingly. To add the agent involved click on the New icon to add your agent, you will then be presented to a new screen to add your agent and then see the commission breakdown.
  • If Buying Side is selected, then the Buying Broker information will populate both the Commission and Deposit tabs accordingly, add agent by following the same as on the Selling Side.
  • If Both Sides is selected, then both the Selling and Buying Broker information will populate both the Commission and Deposit tabs accordingly

When only representing one side of the transaction, the Co-Brokerage must be added via the Lookup option

If you hold Escrow Trust or Earnest Money please read this article


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