How to Enter a Trust Deposit

The purpose of this article is to provide the steps to add a trust deposit.

Navigate to Sales>>Processing>>Trust Transactions

Click Add

Select Office, Class, and Responsibility from the dropdown

Click green “+” sign to select AND/OR add Seller and Buyer

To add a deposit, click on the green “+” sign and select Deposit from the Type dropdown

Date Paid will default to current date, but can be overwritten as needed

Enter Check #, only numbers can be entered

Enter Amount

Click green + sign to add Payer

Select Resource Type from the dropdown

The Comment field is optional

Note:  You are unable to type in the Transaction Number field. If you have the corresponding sale entered, you may click the green + sign and select the sale to attach it to, or when you retrieve the trust into the sale, the Transaction Number will auto-fill in the trust record.

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