QuickBooks and Bill.com Integration

What is Bill.com?

Bill.com is a paperless payments solution that syncs seamlessly with many of the most popular accounting platforms in the market today. By combining Emphasys + QuickBooks + Bill.com, you can connect to your bank, facilitating faster payments and receivables. Upon synching Bill.com scans for changes to QuickBooks, and QuickBooks is updated to reflect any changes in Bill.com in a bi-directional manner.

QuickBooks updates to Bill.com

  • Accounts
  • Departments (Classes in QuickBooks)
  • Vendors Jobs (Customer: Jobs in QuickBooks)
  • Book Balance (so Bill.com can project cash flow)
  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Items

Bill.com updates to QuickBooks

  • Accounts
  • Classes (called Departments in Bill.com)
  • Vendors
  • Bills
  • Bill Payments
  • Vendor Credits
  • Funds Transfers
  • Customers
  • Invoices (new only)
  • Invoice payments


Read more at www.bill.com

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